GFS Alpine Bridle

GFS Alpine Bridle

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Designed with performance comfort and quality in mind. The Alpine features an anatomically shaped headpiece. Contoured cheek pieces avoiding the main facial nerves. Extra padding where applicable to add to comfort and even weight distribution. Rolled leather nose band hangers to add to the perfect fit solution along with exchange cheek pieces and a choice of two browbands. All carefully hand finished in Walsall England.


x-change cheek pieces

free crystal browband

contoured cheek pieces to avoid major nerves and relieve pressure from the upper jaw

optional throatlash 

anatomically shaped head piece

shaped padded rear fastening distributes pressure evenly on the jaw bone

flexible, roller leather on noseband for a perfect fit solution

fully adjustable noseband to suit all head shapes

small comfort pad added to the chin strap to prevent rubbing and designed to sit in the horses chin groove


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