Omega Equine Nettle Leaves
Omega Equine Nettle Leaves
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Omega Equine Nettle Leaves

Omega Equine
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Omega Nettle Leaves

A natural herb for supporting the health of urinary, cardiovascular and circulatory systems

Nettles have a bad reputation for being nothing more than a pesky, stinging weed. However, when cut down and dried, that vicious sting is lost, and the plant be consumed by both human and horse. A valuable herb and highly nutritious, nettle leaves are packed with calcium, silica, iron, phosphates and vitamins B, C, and K. When digested, this herb supports the health of the urinary system and circulation, while applying to the skin can soothe muscles and skin irritation.

Nettles are a valuable supplement for the following reasons:

  • Supports a healthy blood supply, cardiovascular system and circulationthanks to high levels of iron, vitamin C and potassium. These essential nutrients sustain the natural production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, and manage tension in arteries and blood vessels
  • Supports the urinary system, particularly the health of the urinary tract. It also helps manage healthy fluid regulation, flushing chemicals and excess liquids from the body
  • Acts as a conditioning supplement, helping to keep coats sleek, support skinand sustain a healthy dappling
  • Manages allergic reactions by binding with the body’s natural histamine receptors.

Despite their sting, nettles are a nutritional powerhouse for all-round health. Highly palatable, Omega Equine’s Nettle Leaves are sourced in the UK to ensure product quality. A fresh and delicious herb which horses intuitively seek; this supplement is a fantastic natural addition to the feed bucket.

Nettle Leaves

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 5.9%
Crude Fibre 4.1%
Crude Oils & Fats 0.7%
Crude Ash 3.3%