Samshield Technical Check and Parts Replacement

Samshield Technical Check and Parts Replacement

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In case of violent impact on your helmet we suggest you to send it back to Samshield’s workshop.

When received it will be totally checked in order to determine if it’s really damaged.

Depending on the damage observed Samshield will propose:
• either to replace damaged parts* 
• either, if the helmet has less than 2 years old, to proceed to a full exchange of the helmet at a special price (a quotation will be proposed).

Obviously Samshield helmets have a one year warranty in case of defect.

*This is a service which is proposed for the 5 first years** of a Samshield helmet. This is not a warranty. This package includes time spent, spare parts and freight charge.

**Due to evolving helmet standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it’s recommended that you replace your helmet every five years.