Schockemohle Slimford Anatomical Bridle

Schockemohle Slimford Anatomical Bridle

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  • anatomic bridle in sporty look
  • pre-formed noseband without flash
  • flat side parts
  • equipped with two browbands: one simple leather browband and one with slim crystal chain
  • cheek pieces with hook and stud
  • throatlash adjustable on both sides
For a long life of all products proper care is particularly important

Of course all cleaning and care products can also be used for all other products. It should be considered that saddle soap removes severe dirt the best, but it always needs additional final care. 
Leather grease - and especially leather oil - provide rich care. However, they can also soak heavily strained leather which can then unintentionally lengthen it. Therefore we advise not to use leather oils for our products.

Bridle browbands with crystals & Swarovski® Elements
A large variety of our Schockemöhle Sports bridles features handmade browbands with beautiful crystals or genuine Swarovski® Elements. 
To maintain their brilliance, the browbands require special care and attention: Crystal browbands should never be bent or stretched beyond their original shape; this could permanently damage the crystal chains or cause the loss of individual stones. 
Classic leather care products for bridles can coat the crystals with a film that is hard to remove and thus take their shiny appearance. Suitable for the maintenance of browbands are soft cloths, such as used for cleaning screens or glasses. Small paintbrushes or soft toothbrushes are also ideal tools for cleaning narrow gaps. 
Water does not damage the crystals – lukewarm water and a mild soap can therefore easily be used for the cleaning of persistent dirt. Long-term exposure to humidity should absolutely be avoided. You should dry the browband thoroughly after cleaning or riding in the rain. 

We recommend checking the frames of the crystals regularly. If the small metal clamps have opened slightly, a single stone could get lost.