Customise your Samshield Helmet

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From the 4 available shell colors (black, navy blue, chocolate, dark grey) select one of the:
• 31 colours of trim (chrome, black chrome, pink gold, ivory, navy blue mat…)
• 2 Swarovski® stones embeded trim (5 frontal stones or 250+5 stones). Stones color available: gold, crystal, crystal-black, light blue, pink, red, orange
• 21 materials for the top part (Shadowmatt, Shadowglossy, leather, Alcantara®, Flower Leather, Crystal Fabric Swarovski®, Flower Swarovski, Lizard, Python, Galuchat, Crocodile, Lozenge Swarovski, Shimmer Leather, Crystal Medley®, Shield Swarovski, Sparkling, Flower Swarovski Jewelry, Crystal Comet, Crystal Comet Light, Crystal Fine Medley, Fancy Swarovski)
• 11 colours of blason/air vent (chrome, chrome black, chrome gold, pink gold, Crystal Fabric Silver, Crystal Fabric Black, Crystal Fabric Blue, Crystal Fabric Bermuda Blue, Crystal Fabric Paradise Shine, Crystal Fabric Gold, Crystal Fabric Rose Gold)
• Also available  sponsor or your team logo, your name or the flag of your country.