Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Snaffle Bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Snaffle Bridle

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Schockemöhle Sports is setting new standards with the “EQUITUS“ bridle series comprising anatomically shaped bridles. In the center of the considerations for a new bridle concept was the sensitive head of the horse. The goal was to develop a bridle that offers a maximum of wearing comfort for the horse thanks to a complete redesign of the bridle layout.


Curved Caveson


The noseband is shaped curvaceously and bypasses the very sensitive main facial nerve “Nervus Facialis” as far as possible. As an outcome to that no pressure is exerted to this nerve and the acial arteries and veins aren’t exposed to any pressure as well. This is an enormous benefit for tender horses. Risks such as “Head Shaking”, muscle spasms or the like can therefore be prevented.


Anatomically formed headpiece


The softly padded headpiece with anatomical shape assures freedom of movement in neck area – furthermore the horses’ ear movement is not restricted.


New positioning of flash strap


The new positioning of the “EQUITUS“ bridle flash strap supports unrestricted breathing.