Flex-On Green Composite TRIAL

Flex-On Green Composite TRIAL

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At Mikado we want to make sure you love the products you buy. To ensure you get the most out of the products you buy, we offer a trial on some of our specialised items.

How to trial the Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups

Please select the product you wish to trial and add this product to your shopping cart and complete your purchase along with any other items you need.

You will be sent the product via next day delivery (for orders placed before 12pm).

Once you receive the product you have 10 days to use it. At the end of the trial if you are happy with the product please contact us so we can arrange to send you a new item in the colour and style of your choice.

We then require you to send the item back clean and undamaged.  Any items that are not clean or have returned damaged will not be refunded.

If you decide the item is not suitable for you then we will issue a refund minus the cost of the trial which is £25.00.

Each trial lasts 10 days from the date of receipt. For any more queries please do get in touch and we can answer any questions you have.01420 563885 or email enquiries@mikadoequine.co.uk