Agaso Cambridge Breeches Beige

Agaso Cambridge Breeches Beige

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Agaso breeches are made with the Meryl Actifit system material in the anthracite colour. They incorporate two front pockets and one right hand back pocket secured with a zip. Innovative materials and stitching techniques create a product designed for free spirited riders who never want to dismount


Innovation & Bio-Mechanics

Our designs began with over 40 years of insight in equestrian coaching and deep studies into the bio-mechanics of rider and horse. We understand every detail that enhances a riders’ enjoyment in the saddle…and keeps you comfortable, longer. 


Water resistant, durable, soft touch material (Meryl Actifit) whose natural elasticity moulds to the contours of a riders' body ensuring optimal movement enhancing comfort and enjoyment in the saddle

Innovative open flat seams ensure ultimate comfort against the skin with no rubbing

Gel seat technology to create real feeling between rider and horse keeping the rider connected to the moment