Ascot Comfort Plain Cavesson Bridle

Ascot Comfort Plain Cavesson Bridle

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Ascot Quality Comfort Plain Bridle with Stainless Steel fittings.


This Plain Comfort Bridle features both soft padding on the headpiece, and a noseband with two shorter buckled side straps to attach it to the head piece.This eliminates the need for an over the head strap on the noseband and helps avoid poll pressure. Combined with the padding the Comfort range of bridles offer an enhanced level of comfort. On this bridle the Browband and Noseband are Plain Flat Leather for a smart simple finish.


 Perfect Showing Classes, Working Hunter, Mountain & Moorland and general riding.


This Bridle is available with:


1/2"/13mm Cheek Pieces, 1/2"/13mm Browband and a 7/8"/22mm width Noseband

Size: Pony


5/8"/16mm Cheek Pieces, 5/8" Browband and a 1"/25mm width Noseband

Sizes: Cob, Full 5/8"


3/4"/19mm Cheek Pieces, 3/4"/19mm Browband and a 1.25"/32mm width Noseband

Sizes:  Full,  Extra Full