Myler Medium Shank MB04 Combination Bit

Myler Medium Shank MB04 Combination Bit

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Unique in design, and one of the kindest bits available, the Myler’s Combination Bit is a
hybrid of a ring bit and a shank bit, with some hackamore influences, although it is
important to
note that t
he Myler Combination Bit is
a hackamore
a hackamore
combination. The fit of both the noseband and jaw strap is higher, with the noseband
set above the nostrils
(like a Cavesson)
, so it cannot restrict the horse’s airway. The
noseband a
nd jaw strap are fitted snugly, but not tight, against the horse’s face, so the
action of the bit is smooth and efficient.

The lightweight mouthpiece on the Myler Combination Bit slides freely on the centre ring
until the degree of shank rotation brings i
t up against the ring stop. The noseband and
jaw strap are linked together and run through two small offset rings on the purchase.
Utilising various pressure points, Myler Combination Bits offer simultaneous interaction
of the mouthpiece, jaw stra
p and noseband. When rein pressure is applied, the Myler
Combination Bit exerts pressure on the horse’s nose, poll and jaw (ie only 33% of the
total in each area.) If the rider continues to apply rein pressure, the mouthpiece will
meet the ‘stop’ on the
ring and start to engage, whereupon the total pressure applied by
the rider will be dispersed over 5 areas
the nose, poll, jaw, tongue and bars (ie 20% in
The pressure exerted on the horse’s nose, jaw and poll are extremely effective at gettin
the horse to relax at the poll
“roll over from the withers”
& move in
a rounded outline.

Myler Combination Bits are available with all levels of mouthpieces, from Comfort
Snaffles to Ported Barrels. Because all pressure areas engage and r
elease at the same
time, the horse is offered a pressure
free reward whenever he is light and relaxed at the
poll, (providing, of course, that the rider relaxes his hand.) This makes the Myler
Combination an excellent training tool, for horses ranging fro
m youngsters to well
schooled campaigners.
 All Myler Combination Bit mouthpieces are made from Sweet Iron which will corrode
gradually over time giving a
taste that
 will encourage salivation

The Myler Combination Bit
is particularly suitable as
the first bit for a young horse or 
pony, which will be used to head pressure signals from being led in a head collar. It can
also be a great bit for horses who are very nervous in the mouth; ex
racehorses who
have been trained to “run into their mouths”
and are reluctant to come into a schooled
horse outline; and older horses who think they know it all and will benefit from a very
different feel in the communication they receive from the rider.
 Many professional event riders find the Myler Combination in
valuable to get the horse 
relaxed and going as softly as possible and working
 off the other aids
before they 
replace it with a permitted bit for their dressage test