Safe-On GC Junior Stirrups Inclined Grip

Safe-On GC Junior Stirrups Inclined Grip

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The Green Composite stirrup is comprised of a complete, single-piece steel core, covered by an extremely robust composite polyamide which has been environmentally sourced. This stirrup is light, solid and easily cleaned, which can be customised to the rider’s choice.



Inclined: the most common and popular footbed, with 80 to 85% of the global sales. It helps riders keep their heels down and, therefore, helps to improve the rider’s balance and general position. 

Flat: Popular with dressage riders. Also ideal for riders with very flexible ankles for whom an inclined footbed could push the legs forward and risk unbalancing the rider.

Mixed: Ideal for eventers who need to ride all disciplines with only one saddle and one pair of stirrups


There is a choice of tread for all styles, except the Junior Green Composite stirrups, which are only available with the Grip tread. •

Grip: ridged only 

Ultra-grip: ridged with metal spikes Although it is very hard-wearing, the tread insert is interchangeable and can be removed if worn and replaced with a new one, making the stirrups very economical.